Registrants - Update Your Profiles!

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I'm excited that Drupal Camp is only 10 Days Away and I hope you are also. This is a reminder to Double Check Your Calendars, and note the following:

1. Please review your registration and ensure you've got t-shirt and food preferences selected. The t-shirts are going to the printer Tonight, and the size option got added after we opened up registration so some of you didn't get an opportunity when you first signed up.

Go now to:

Also, if you find you can't make it -- please remove yourself to open up the opportunity for someone else to come -- space is limited.

2. Submit a session proposal. You don't have to be an expert, you just have to do some work ahead of time to make sure you're interesting and relevant.

3. Vote for your favourite sessions. This is how Drupal camp works -- also Tonight, we'll be looking at what's listed and start to finalize the program, so help make Drupal camp work for you.

4. Sponsorship. If you work at a business that makes use of Drupal, please ask them to sponsor the event - and here's why:

Drupal camp has no paid staff, we're all volunteers. We do need money for t-shirts, food and room cleanup and we only get that partially from your small registration fee.

5. Stay tuned.