BOF: Drupal scalability and performance for large web sites

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Success for a web site is often measured by traffic (more page views, more visitors, ...etc.)

Sites can be victims to their own success when increased popularity causes it to be slow, or unable to handle more page views.

Here are some things that we will touch on and discuss:

  • What are the symptoms to look for?
  • What are the areas you investigate for problems?
  • What tools are available to help you diagnose issues?
  • What are some hints and tips for making your site faster?

This is a Bird of a Feather (BOF) format, so everyone can share their experience. Come prepared with hints/tips and findings, as well as questions ...

Drupal performance optimization for large web sites.

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James, the link you included is from last year's DrupalCamp.

The one from last year is here:

Presentation: DrupalCamp Toronto 2008: Drupal performance optimization large web sites.
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