BOF: Search modules for Drupal

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There are 58 modules in the search category for Drupal. Share your experiences with others. What search problem did you need to solve? Which module did you select? Did it help solve your problem?

This Birds of a Feather Session will allow each attendee to share their experiences, hopes, concerns and shattered dreams.

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Future of Search

Will there be any discussion of the direction of Drupal's core search, what's going on with the Drupal search group and the results of the Minnesota Search Sprint?

Or will the session focus more on making the most of the many pieces that we have now?

Either way, I'm there. Thanks for doing this.

This is a Birds of a Feather

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This is a Birds of a Feather session, so I'm not actually "in charge" of what will be presented here. You want to talk about the future of search? Awesome, bring it on! It's a Birds of a Feather session; the participants direct it by participating!

I hope that we'll, as a group, discuss some or many of the 50+ contrib search modules, why they are needed and when they are useful.

Most anything search-related is on-topic, and I'll try to give everybody a chance to speak if they wish to do so.

My preparation is limited to taking a quick look at the search module descriptions and thinking of a few "Conversational Gambits" to get the conversation started if people are being shy.