Build your own social network with Drupal

Want to create the perfect community? Drupal can help. In this session we will discuss the basic principles of building a social network with Drupal.


  • Philosophical discussion on what constitutes a community/social network?
  • What's the difference between a blogs, forums, and groups? How to choose.
  • Which Drupal modules are essential for building a community?
  • Dealing with Privacy
  • Integration with Facebook
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activity stream module

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it looks like there is an existing module that will bring a user's feeds into a drupal-based social network site: Activity Stream. i'll be testing it.

thanks for a good session.


Modules to get started with

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Advanced Profile:

User Relationships:

Activity Tracking:

Advanced Forum:

Facebook Integration:
Drupal for Facebook:

Social Bookmarking/Tagging:
Views Bookmark:

Feed Management:
Feed API:


Content Recommendation Engine:

Group Management:

this sounds great

few additional mini topics:

Approaches to creating a user area/profile
User searches
Modules/tools that should not be used for differing reasons
Content recommendation tools

I think that this area of Drupal is still relatively untapped and would be a topic that offers something a little different than most of the other suggestions.