Building Database Applications in the Drupal CMS

Drupal is a great content management platform. But some projects require more than just content management greatness. For projects that involve building web enabled database applications, you need to model custom systems that don't exist in any module. Then you need a way to plug your custom application into your Drupal site alongside all the other content that Drupal is presenting.

Freeform Solutions has spent several years developing a database application modeling tool called Formulize, that can be integrated with Drupal websites, as well as other PHP systems.

You could think of Formulize as a more database-centric CCK, or like a more CCK-ish version of the webform module, on steroids.

This session will demonstrate some of the capabilities of Formulize, point out parallels and differences with certain other Drupal modules, and discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches.

An overview of Formulize....

Formulize lets you specify high level features of your system -- what kinds of information users need to access, and how that information is related to other information -- and it does all the low level work of building tables, doing joins and creating queries, for you. Plus, it can change on the fly as you add more information or different kinds of users to your application (or as clients change their minds about what they want). ;-)

The user interface is highly customizable, through GUI-based configuration options. You can model workflows that expose only certain information to certain kinds of users at certain points in a process, and even add custom buttons to the user interface, to trigger certain events and affect your data accordingly.

Each user interface "screen" is then exposed to Drupal as a node, so you can present your application natively alongside all your other Drupal content.

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