Drupal 6 Social Networking

Drupal 6 Social Networking is a new book from Packt that will guide users in creating and managing their own social networking website, using powerful and feature rich social networking modules. Written by Content Management expert, Michael Peacock, this book will help users in promoting and marketing their website using the Drupal CMS platform. This book will guide users from the basics of both Drupal and Social Networking right through to more complicated aspects, like creating their own custom design and features for their website. It will walk users through the creation of a custom module, making use of Google Maps, to illustrate how easily the social network can be extended to meet their needs. It will also introduce users to Drupal themes to install and enable new themes and customize the existing ones.

In addition to this, the book looks at communicating with the users of the social network through mailing lists, theme changes and Twitter feeds, to keep them up to date, and improve user retention. Through this book users will learn some useful methods for promoting their website through Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, and a range of new Social Media. Anyone looking to create their own social networking website, including businesses, hobbyists, organizations and families will find this book useful. For more information, please visit: http://www.packtpub.com/build-social-networking-website-with-drupal-6/book