Drupal, Flash and web services

An overview of communication between Drupal and Flash, using the services module.

-How the services module works
-Using Flash / Flex to view and edit Drupal content

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Hi Neal,

I'll put together a demonstration of using Services with Mono (C#/VB.NET/etc) for a demonstration of something using services outside of the web browser. Thanks for jumping the gun on this one. If I knew Air, I'd use Air, but unfortunately I don't, so Mono and GTK# will have to do.

Also note that an official release of Services 0.8 is being released by the security team soon, so make sure to update your Services module. It makes it so that service calls require a secure user authentication. So be sure that when you make service calls, you use user.login to create a secure session before making the calls.

This presentation will be a true test whether 0.8 works! :-)