Drupal Usability : Looking at the Drupal UI from a Subject Oriented Perspective

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Subject Oriented Design is a much needed and logical follow up to Object Oriented Design – but what is it and how can it help with improving the usability of Drupal's administration interface? To begin to answer these questions I’m proposing a session with these goals:
• To explore some of the meaning and importance of subject oriented design.
• To encourage Drupal designers and developers to look at their work from a subject oriented perspective.
• To share some practical hints as to how to go about this. (Given that it's an endless journey we can only take a few steps in one session.)
• To loosen some of the right bolts in the Drupal UX paradigm while still keeping the architectural pivot points in tact.
• To help me, as a usability expert and Drupal newcomer, understand more about what matters to you, as developers, designers and users of Drupal.
• To establish that Salsa dancing is the best benchmark around for evaluating user experiences.

A little bit about me. I am a usability expert who also has spent a couple of decades designing and building commercial software. Originally from a Fine Arts background, I am passionate about the user experience and I see Drupal Theming as fertile ground for accomplishing significant usability improvements to online experiences.

Given that, I’ve spent the last two months introducing myself to Drupal by coming in the back door of learning the phptemplate system. I’m still quite able to become bewildered by the administration interface and that’s a pretty valuable place to be from a usability testing point of view – no assumptions about how it works! I invite you to ‘share my pain’ and hear some of what I can bring from my experience as a user interface systems architect and to share your own perspectives on this hot topic.

For more about my past lives please check out my 'web resume' site

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