From 2500 to ten: A beginner's guide to module selection

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You've installed Drupal for the first time. You're finding your way around the GUI are ready to work on your site. Now it's time to just add one module to deliver the key function required for your site. You go to the modules page and, "Look at that! Over 2000 contributed modules! How do I choose from that list!?!?!?!?"

This presentation is for beginners and will look at ten key modules that will make your Drupal future brighter. We'll narrow down the many, many, many modules to just a few that you'll really want to start with.

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Slides are available

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Slides available from my site. Licensed cc-by

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Recommended modules etc. mentioned in session

Well implemented, generic, customizable theme:

Simple menu:

Update status (part of 6 core--will be prompted to update in admin):

Pathauto (gives nodes more sensible paths):

Bad behavior (reduces # of script kiddies):

Contact/Webform (can add extra fields; data shows up in tables in Webform admin; does stats):

Captcha (use w/ forms):

Simple news (users subscribe/unsubscribe from mailing lists on their own; can upload existing mailing lists):

Content Construction Kit (CCK) (allows you to add arbitrary fields to nodes):

Imagefield name (name photos according to function and treat them different in Theme layer):

Imagecache (resizes image to fit theme):

Automatic node titles (create title for node from other elements of node):

Faceted search/CCK facets

Views (List of [nodes, node teasers, one CCK field from many]; filter list in relevant way):

Beginner re Drupal

Definitely a session that I'd participate in. Have good website foundation/experience working with Dreamweaver on Windows platform (created and maintain several websites) - however, I am anxious to learn and work with Drupal.
Is this strictly a presentation i.e. attendees watch a screen and listen, or is there opportunity to work on computer?
Thanks, Mary

I'm not sure how much

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I'm not sure how much following along you'll be able to do. I'm not planning on any exercises. You'll get a lot out of this presentation by noting the ten recommended modules and how they apply to your projects and interests.

This presentation is suitable for beginners, so you'll see and hear about ten modules that you'll find helpful as you dive into Drupal and the thousands of contributed modules.