Non-Profit Drupalling, A view from the inside

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One year ago, Standardbred Canada had a problem. Saddled with a proprietary and outdated CMS, new initiatives and development was next to impossible. The decision was made that change was needed. Thus a project to convert the full functionality of the existing Standardbred Canada website, including the leveraging of live data collected from race tracks across Canada into a fully featured Drupal site came to be.

Standardbred Canada is an incorporated non-profit organization whose mandate is to supervise, record, store and distribute information on all registered Standardbreds and to promote harness racing in Canada and beyond. One of the first organizations of it's type world wide to use electronic record keeping, we seek to continue to bring innovation to the industry in our technical offerings.

This session will tell the tale of how Standardbred Canada came to embrace Drupal for current and future web projects, the lessons learned in porting an existing site to Drupal in the face of a large amount of required external data, how to conduct Drupal training within the enterprise, and how Drupal has empowered us to compete with in the field against other member service and news organizations. Design and development done entirely in house, this presentation will be given by the lead developer.

The ported site is in the last stages of development and should be released before DrupalCamp Toronto, the existing site can be viewed at

Feel free to view a before and after comparison.

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