Online Advocacy - What's it is, what's out there, what's working, what needs work (Saturday, May 24th)

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The advent of the Information Superhighway has changed democracy (and it's nastier, slower cousin, politics) forever. A number of groups and individuals are trying to change the world, and open source online tools are one of the most effective tactics they have at their disposal. The possibilities for educating, connecting and mobilizing citizens to push for change are opened up by new online tools. Big words, but what does this have to do with Drupal?

People are using Drupal (and related tools like CiviCRM) to change society. What do they need from open source tools? What exists right now to help them make the world a better place? What tools and techniques have not (yet) been developed or perfected?

This session will focus on using Drupal and related technologies for activism. A quick review of what's required to run activism or advocacy campaigns (not necessarily focussing on technology!) will be followed by an intro to existing tools - which ones work well and what needs improvement. Time will be set aside to discuss how the Drupal community can support the development of better tools to better our society.

This is more of an exploratory session - discussion, information and 'blue-skying' - than a case study or tutorial on 'How To Do X'.

Presented by Eric Squair, Make Poverty History
with Special Guest Stars.

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