recomendations for hotels?

I like many people will be coming in from out of town and would greatly appreciate recommendations on affordable places to stay within walking distance of drupalcamp.

The Toronto Residence Hotel

This is the best combo of rates/features I found so far.

There's an international

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There's an international hostel on Dundas just West of Spadina. I think rooms there are $30 - $50 a night. Not the nicest place but it's central and very affordable.

Thanks for the info! The U

Thanks for the info! The U of T residences might work for me :)

Getting around Toronto

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I don't have any places off the top of my head but I can offer the following information for out of town visitors.

The University of Toronto Campus is surrounded by TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) Subway stops. Search for "University of Toronto". Subway stops are marked the [M]'s (St George Station or Museum Station are your best bets for proximity to the Drupal Camp location)

If you can find lodging in the downtown core anywhere near a subway you can be on the campus in 10 minutes or less via the subway.

The TTC costs CDN$2.75 per trip. You can purchase 10 TTC tickets or tokens for $22.50. Also, on weekends the TTC offers a 'Family' pass for $9.00 which allows unlimited TTC travel for one day for Two Adults (and 4 children under 12) in case you wanted to do some sight seeing or are visiting with a friend. The weekend day pass is a great value - but it is not available on Friday.

Walking from the downtown core is roughly 30 minutes to the campus. If you are doing any sight seeing many sights are in the downtown core and are walkable.

I'll try to post this information elsewhere on the site as well.


U of T residences

The cheapest and closest accommodations are probably the U of T residences

Info is online at: