Thanks for a great 2-day DrupalCamp!

Now that the roasted marshmallows have been eaten and the sing-songs are over, I would like to extend a warm, public thank you to the organizers, presenters, volunteers, participants, and sponsors who worked to make such a great DrupalCamp possible. As a newcomer to Drupal, I found several of the sessions particularly helpful, and I found the community welcoming and supportive.

It looked like there wasn't any kind of closing/good-bye session organized for the end of the day on Saturday (before people headed out for drinks/dinner/whatever). I would recommend that a closing session (it need only be 15 mins.) be explicitly included in the schedule for next year: it gives the group a chance to recognize contributions as well as an opportunity to make suggestions for next year, while ideas are still fresh in people's minds.

My main comment at such a closing session would just have been to say thanks!

I look forward to finding ways to give back something to the community once I've had some time to work with Drupal some more.


Philip Kiff
Communications Associate, Web & Production
Institute for Work & Health

Thanks for your kind words

Andrew_Mallis's picture

Thanks for your kind words and welcome suggestion Philip.
I would invite others to add their comments and suggestions here on what they would like to see done differently or the same last year. It will help us organize an even better Drupalcamp09!

Andrew Mallis