What's the final Schedule/Sessions?

I was wondering what the final schedule is for the Sessions.

I can't make it on Friday but am looking forward to go to tomorrows sessions. Whatever they are. :)

Are the items under "sessions" tab final?"

Is John Resig giving a talk? when? so many questions! :D

Sorry you couldn't make it out to Day one.

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Appoligies for not posting the time for John Resig's talk. John has to get out of the city to complete a whirlwind tour of Europe and his talk was today.

But, yes, the scheudle under the sessions tab is the lineup for day two.

There is lots more to learn and do - and plenty of fun to be had. Come on down for Day Two. Get a cool Drupal Camp Toronto 2008 T-shirt - and you still get a chance to win the Active State 'Komodo' prize pack (which includes a license for the Komodo IDE ).

And there's a yummy luch and plenty of coffee that's included in your registration.