Why You Want to Sponsor Drupal Camp

Drupal Camp Toronto is a volunteer-run, annual event that we put on to spread the good word about Drupal. It's an exciting event with lots of important people - people who are active in the Drupal community, people who run website development shops using Drupal, and people who are considering using Drupal. By sponsoring Drupal Camp, you get a warm fuzzy feeling about supporting the open source project that makes all this possible, but also:

For sponsorships of $100 or more, you'll get a free entry to Drupal Camp with a "sponsor" name tag.
For $250, you'll get your logo on our website.
For a $500 sponsorship, you'll get your logo on the t-shirts received by all registrants (but only if you get it to us in time - print deadline is Wednesday May 14!)
If you're willing to give us at least $1000, you tell us what you want - but we'll at least put a big logo on our t-shirts and have your name prominently displayed during the event.

Convinced? Contact Us now with your sponsorship amount!.